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Meetings of cultures. My culture. My values - a mobile intercultural exhibition.

Meetings of cultures. My culture. My values a mobile intercultural exhibition, is an ongoing project that has been started in 2017; it is an outcome of inter-institutional cooperation with local communities in Poland, Asia and Africa. The exhibition presents works of children who were invited to initiate intercultural dialogue and to make a connection with people from different cultures through exchange of letters, art works, films and on-line meetings.

Our goal is to encourage intercultural dialogue with communities and children who live in  hardly accessible areas. We share the view that art is a language of integration and that it contributes to creating an open attitude towards social and cultural diversity. We also believe that contact with people of different cultural and ethnic background and possibility to exchange  with them ideas and experiences enriches us as human beings.

The exhibition gives an opportunity to meet and to talk both to members of local communities and migrants – people who due to different reasons left their countries and settled down in other place. We want to discover their cultures and socio-cultural potential; we also want them to share with us their joys and sorrows.

The exhibition is a result of cooperation and exchange of experiences with several communities: 

- Ait Tidili community living in High Atlas Mountains in the Kingdom of Morocco,

- pupils and teachers from school in Kiwengwa in Zanzibar via headmaster Vuai Machano and Agnieszka Pietruszka, the author of 'Decalogue of Values,

- people from Bakrang - 6   village in Nepal (via 'The Better World Association from Poznań'),

- Polish and Ukrainian communities living in Śrem, Poland.


The aim of ATQI Foundation is to work for the benefit of local communities, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and integration of migrants with local communities. Our mission is realized through cross-sectoral and inter-institutional collaboration.

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