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Meetings of cultures. Migrants: Me - You- Us


'Meetings of cultures. Migrants: Me - You- Us' financed by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway from the EOG Funds within the framework of  Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme. The aim of the project is to work for the benefit of migrants and people of different cultural and ethnic background living in Śrem (Greater Poland Voivodeship) and to integrate them with local community.

300 people took part in the project, including 30 persons from the minority groups,  180 children and 120 adults.

Within the project a number of activities has been carried out, among others, Pilotage of Place of Social Integration involving:

- a kick-off meeting of the project,

- three integration meetings including  workshops 'Art – language of integration' and language workshops

- four interdisciplinary workshops for primary schools 'We are getting to know each other'

- art competition 'We are getting to know each other'

- exhibition of works of participants of the art contest 'We are getting to know each other'

- conducting anthropological interviews with migrants

- finding persons willing to be spokeswomen for minorities

- TV reports and publications

- summary meeting including lecture and eco-happening – planting 17 trees symbolizing 17 nationalities living in Śrem

We invited all the inhabitants of Śrem to take part in the project: people of different ethnic and cultural background, youth and adults – everybody who was interested in working for   the benefit of his/her group, institution or business.

The aim of the project was to:

- carry out pilotage of place of social integration and to create cultural and educational offer for migrants and local community in order to foster integration

- co-create with local community activities encouraging intercultural dialogue and integration

- show socio-cultural potential of migrants living in Śrem

- conduct anthropological interviews and evaluation surveys

- carry out workshops in schools and classrooms attended by children from different cultures 

- prompt inter-institutional actions and voluntary work


The Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme that enables ATQI Foundation to conduct the project aims at strengthening social organizations in Poland and supporting actions for the development of civil society and its core values such as social diversity, equal treatment and dialogue. The project has been granted 22 700 €. The donor countries are Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.


The aim of ATQI Foundation is to work for the benefit of local communities, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and integration of migrants with local communities. Our mission is realized through cross-sectoral and inter-institutional collaboration.

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